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The Mind

Massage is a pathway to total relaxation and spiritual awareness, reducing tension and relieving the effects of everyday stress within our lives.

Upon consultation, we can personalise a treatment to suit your individual needs. Our massage therapies will encourage your bodies own natural healing by assisting to restore normal function to the nervous, circulation, digestive, lymphatic and muscular systems. It eases fatigue, soothes soreness and releases tension. Our Swedish techniques will not only impart greater feelings of well-being but also revive your body and uplift your spirits.

Indian Head Massage 40mins 40.00

An ancient form of manipulation involving a relaxing massage of the back, neck, shoulders, arms, scalp & the face using oils. Relieves tension, stiffness of the neck thus calming the body & the mind.

Full Body Massage 60mins 50.00

Using a holistic approach, this Swedish technique releases tension, improves blood & lymphatic circulation, prevents muscle soreness thus leaving you with a renewed sense of well-being.

Back Massage 30mins 30.00

Relaxing massage concentrating on areas of tension in the back, neck & shoulders. Combination of relaxing & deep muscular movements.

Stress Massage 30mins 30.00

A deep tissue massage that is ideal for easing chronically tight muscles in the back. The therapy is designed to ease knots & tight sore muscles, improve lymphatic drainage of toxic areas & muscle loosening in minimal time.

Leg & Foot Massage 20mins 20.00

A combination of relaxing and stimulating moves that will not only aid in lymphatic drainage but will also contribute to full body relaxation, thus reducing aches & pains and revitalising your immune system.

Hand & Arm Massage 15mins 16.00
Leg & Foot plus Hand & Arm Massage 30mins 35.00
Back, Neck & Scalp Massage 30mins 30.00

Back, Neck & Scalp rolled into one rejuvenating treatment that sorts out tired, aching muscles. The ultimate post-exercise pickme- up that leaves you feeling totally chilled out. Aromatic oils supercharge the stress relieving benefi ts, restoring your sense of well-being.

Hot Stone Massage - Full Body 75mins 75.00

A pure indulgence for someone wanting somthing a little different from the the traditional massage. The warm stones are applied from head to toe using a blend of essential oils ans densual aromas to ease aching muscles, including a deep relaxing massage.

Hot Stone Massage - Back 40mins 45.00

A de-stressing back massage using the warmth of the hot stones for a deeper tissue massage, concentrating on the back, neck and shoulders.

Hopi Ear Candles 45mins 40.00

A holistic treatment used for problems relating to the ear & head area. Benefits sufferers of sinusitis, tinitis, headaches, migraines & catarrh build-up. Includes pressure point massage of the face. An alternative to ear syringing. Soothing, calming & a relaxing sensation .

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